About Us

An escape with nature.

Ocean Pearl Cove Resorts Inc. started its initial operation in the municipality of Tabango, Leyte back in the year 2010. Having observed that there were no other establishments like it around the neighboring municipalities, the owner thought of a small place where one can dine and relax with the façade of the shore facing the cove wherein you can see fishermen sailing their boats from a vantage point of view.

Gradually, structures were built, added and modernized with the passage of time. With the newly added amenities attuned to the needs of walk in clients, it soon became a byword in the 3 rd district of Leyte.

A swimming pool with a Jacuzzi and music bars and cottages attracted the locals including some foreigners who wish to stay for a night or two.

Certified by the Department of Tourism as an accredited “Resort”, Ocean Pearl Cove Resorts Inc. has been a constant favorite and venue for various government agency meetings, gatherings and events.

Operating within an area of more than 8,333 sqm., it houses a covered gymnasium, air-conditioned chapel, a spacious lobby, a restobar and dining area, private KTV rooms, ample parking area, a children’s playhouse, a walk-way through the sea and swimming pool, WI-FI, standby generators, among others. In addition to, is a grandiose 1,400 sqm. swimming pool wherein one can splash and paddle away on a kayak and enjoy other water sport activities made available at the resort.